Nurturing Young Minds

Jennifer Port, a dedicated first-grade teacher who embodies the essence of nurturing young minds.

The Futurist

Sinead Bovell stands at the intersection of technology, fashion, and futurism. As the visionary founder of WAYE, a leading tech education company, and a sought-after model.

A Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Asma Derouiche, an artist and entrepreneur who pushes the boundaries of design, objects, and artisanal craftsmanship.

Empowering Voices

Merhan Keller is an Egyptian-born trailblazer, model and activist, advocating for justice, women’s rights, and comfortable shoes

Close and Personal

Sheralee is a German Filipino model and a self-described vagabond tattoo artist.

The Art of Styling

Meet Engie Hassan, acclaimed fashion stylist, costume designer, and style commentator.

Behind the lens

Photographer and videographer, Bechir Zayene looks back at his career and creative journey.

Sustainability Defined

Caterina Occhio, social entrepreneur, and sustainability advisor for Alaïa, Chloe, the UN, B Corps and Fair Trade.