Close and Personal

Close and Personal

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In today’s Journal, meet Sheralee, our muse.

Sheralee is a beautiful German Filipino model and a self described vagabond tattoo artist.

This is a very honest and vulnerable conversation where Sheralee shares with us her struggles with being bullied at school, eating disorders, falling in love with her best friend and how much therapy has helped break up destructive patterns.


We’re sharing here a few insights of this conversation: Our Stories Are Yours.

“The pursuit of love and validation from others can lead to harmful behaviors and mental health issues, but therapy can help break these patterns and enable personal growth.

The most trustful thing for a tattoo artist is when a client gives you creative freedom. It shows a deep level of trust and honor.

I love my own tattoos, it is also my way of breaking stereotypes and not being seen only as a cute girl.

I was bullied at school for the way I looked, yet at home I felt so much love for the way I looked. It created in me a confusion and a sense of identity sadly based only on my physical appearance.

I realized pretty late that I was suffering from an eating disorder. It was affecting every aspect of my life and eating disorders were my way of controlling and punishing myself.

I love to dress comfortably, wear baggy clothes and dress them up with eye catching accessories like a pair of OSAY. Maybe it was initially triggered by my body dysmorphia but now I truly love simple, effortless and chic looks.

I am 21, becoming a woman is complicated, so own it and be awesome.”

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Merhan Keller is an Egyptian-born trailblazer, model and activist, advocating for justice, women’s rights, and comfortable shoes


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