A Multi-Disciplinary Artist

A Multi-Disciplinary Artist



Discover with us, Asma Derouiche, a multi-disciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur, cofounder of Studio 7, the leading design studio and store in Doha.

Dive into the inspiring journey of the talented Asma, who graciously shares her journey which brought her to open the avant-garde design studio and store Studio 7 in the heart of Doha, a creative hub for up-and-coming and established Arab designers.


Q: Could you share with us your passion for innovative design and collaboration?

A: Absolutely. I believe in the power of design to showcase the beauty and potential of local crafts while pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At our creative studio, Studio 7, we strive to create a safe space where designers, professors, makers, and artisans can come together to collaborate and create.

Q: That sounds like a vibrant community. Can you tell us more about your vision for Studio 7 and Arab design?

A: Of course. Studio 7 serves as a hub for Arab designers, challenging preconceived stereotypes and redefining what Arab design can be. Arab culture is rich and diverse, rooted in a deep sense of community and nostalgia for home. Our design products aim to evoke these emotions of nostalgia and familiarity while breaking free from traditional expectations of Arab design.

Q: That’s fascinating. It’s clear that your work is driven by a deep connection to Arab culture. On a different note, we’ve heard that you’re also a CrossFit champion. How does CrossFit influence your approach to life and design?

A: CrossFit has been a transformative journey for me. It taught me the importance of setting small, achievable goals to reach larger ones and instilled in me discipline, consistency, and perseverance. These qualities have become a part of my daily routine and have influenced every aspect of my life, including my design work. CrossFit has shown me that with dedication and effort, we can achieve things we never thought possible, both physically and mentally.

Q: It’s inspiring to hear how CrossFit has shaped your mindset. Can you share a specific example of how you applied these principles in your CrossFit journey?

A: Certainly. One of the most memorable achievements for me was learning to walk on my hands. It seemed like an impossible feat at first, but by breaking down the movement into smaller, manageable steps and consistently practicing, I was able to develop the strength and technique needed to accomplish it. This experience taught me the importance of perseverance and the incredible things our bodies and minds are capable of achieving.


As we conclude our conversation with Asma, we’re inspired by her dedication to innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. Through her work at Studio 7 and her achievements in CrossFit, Asma embodies the spirit of perseverance and creativity. Her journey reminds us that with passion and determination, we can overcome challenges and make a lasting impact in our communities and beyond.

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