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Empowering Voices

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In today’s Journal, we sat down with the Egyptian born, San Francisco based model, social media influencer, entrepreneur and activist Merhan Keller.

Get to know a dynamic young woman driven by an incredible sense of justice and sisterhood and who never let fear and intimidation deter her.

You will hear how through her engaged community online, she has helped the FBI catch a fugitive who has abused and murdered his 2 daughters in Texas before escaping to Egypt, how her passion for human and specifically women’s rights led her to create an organization that provides legal, financial and housing for women in Egypt.


We’re sharing here a few highlights of a woman with a brilliant future ahead of her:

“The sense of dehumanization of people sitting in misery and heartbreak for long years with no justice kills your soul.”

“Us, women, got used to waiting until we are allowed to step in but that doesn’t function anymore. As business women, as mothers, as sisters, as friends.”

“When we have a problem within our community, we need to be able to pull that chair for ourselves and sit down at the table on our terms:
The fear of strong and intuitive women has been present throughout history, leading to unjust persecution and discrimination.’

“I realized that I have a lot of luxuries that other women in my country don’t have. I have my voice.”

“I have very sensitive skin, I blister a lot and this is the first time in my life that new shoes (OSAY) don’t blister my feet.”

“They are so comfy, they fit like a glove. When I was in Doha last, I wore them with an abaya and I felt so flowy and great. They go with everything.
When I was last in Egypt, my mom tried to take them from me.”

“Passion comes from experiencing and empathizing with the same problems and pain as others, leading to a collective movement.”

Merhan Keller discusses the luxuries she has in being able to speak out and fight for women’s rights in Egypt through her organization that provides legal and financial support for women in abusive situations.

Merhan Keller discusses her role as a middleman connecting women in need with professionals, and the creation of a platform for activists to support various cases.

Merhan Keller discusses the creation of brands like Talia Treasures to support refugee women with housing, job training, and financial assistance.
Merhan Keller’s fearless attitude towards potential threats and attacks show her resilience and determination to not be intimidated by anyone.

Merhan Keller discusses the comfort and versatility of OSAY shoes, particularly in hot weather, and how they are a part of Tunisian culture.

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