Sustainability Defined

Sustainability Defined

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Our cofounder Kenza had a chat with Caterina Occhio, who is a social entrepreneur and the sustainability advisor for Alaia, Chloe, the UN, B corp, Fair Trade.


“ Sustainability is a misused word nowadays but it should always have 3 components: environmental, social and governance, and economics.” (2:27s)

“ Transparency is shortening the distance between the consumer and the maker and potentially the provider of the raw materials.” (8:55s)

“Every time you buy a product, you cast a vote for the future you want. “ 

“ Please remember it doesnt matter how much you paid for your garment, do not treat it any different. Because the price does not matter, Time, human resources matter. Respect everything on the same level. This is what is ethical” (14:00)


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