What is your biggest struggles right now?

Quite honestly, my biggest struggle at the moment is deciding whether or not i would like to start a family. I have taken steps to ensure the possibility is in my future, however the big decision is one that i go back and forth on and the cadence has only increased as i age. I enjoy the independence and flexibility of being a single woman , however the idea of bringing a new generation into this world , passing on my family’s history and traditions is also very important and precious to me. 


What and who inspires you?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one individual who inspires me, however i’m impressed by those who are brave enough to pursue their true passions at a great sacrifice. How many of us can say we are doing exactly what we want to in this life ? I am happy in my current journey, but admittedly i would be on a different path if i was brave enough to pursue it. I have self-doubt and still not confident enough to take that leap, but i admire those who do. 


Worst and Best memory?

Worst: I was a figure skater for many years and i remember one competition where i faltered or fell at every jump. It was awful and humiliating, but i couldn’t just stop in the middle of my routine and skate off. I had to keep it together and skate on despite my mistakes. While i hated every moment in front of the judges, i survived and i got through it. That lesson and moment has stayed with me well beyond my years as a skater, i will falter and perhaps do something embarrassing, but i will pick myself up and keep going.

Best: Any time with my sister 


What advice will you give? 

Trust your instincts. No one else will truly understand your mind and have your previous experiences that shape your decision making process. While it is healthy to solicit the opinions of others, take in the various perspectives, and then follow your instinct. 


Throughout your personal journey, what do you want people to remember? 

I want people to remember that i maximized my short time here. 


How do you like to wear your OSAY?

There are a perfect shoe for an effortlessy stylish commute. I can walk long distances in confort in my shoes and it’s an easy accent.


How do you like to introduce yourself? 

As someone who is curious enough to try something once. 



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Dora Ennafaa

Social Media and Digital Content Strategist at Universal Pictures International Entertainment


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