What is your biggest struggle right now? 

The social & political inequality of people of color and minorities in the USA but also all over the world.

This subject can really upset me… as I no longer understand or tolerate discrimination based on someone’s skin tone or background.

What and who inspire you? 

Everyone with an inspiring story filled with heart-ships, resilience and growth inspires me. The world is filled with them.

And Oprah.. I love almost everything she stands for .. Female independence, strength, spirituality & healing. I love how she turned her difficult life into her biggest strength!

What advice will you give? 

Don’t dim your light or make yourself smaller to please other people. Own your strength, your story, embrace all that you are (the light , the dark) and make space for that. Because by truly being yourself you make room for others to do the same!

How would you like to introduce yourself

A free, eclectic, social butterfly who likes to question the status quo.

Someone who happens to be working as an international model, who was born and raised in the Netherlands to a Dominican mother and a Dutch Father. Someone who consider herself  married to her University History Degree and  still developing her voice, creativity and entrepreneurship in her to-be jewelry line. 

Do you have a motto or a quote you live by?

Enjoy life to the fullest.. always pay attention & be present to Life’s Magic. 
Live every day like it is the last one.
Remember that you ain’t gonna get out of this life alive… so take those risks! And surround yourself with good people while at it!!
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Dora Ennafaa

Social Media and Digital Content Strategist at Universal Pictures International Entertainment


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