How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Sara, 34, never liked fitting in a box, maybe because I didnt feel like I could fit in a box, so what was the point of trying. Always felt like a bit of an outsider living in between two worlds, maybe that’s what happens when you are a mixed kid. Half American half Tunisian, a photographer since age 7, and a passion for boyish sports as well as ballet and horse back riding, I don’t think I can be defined really. I am all over the place in my head and in my life, but I love it . The way I would describe myself is experiences over everything. Wether it’s a new destination, a new food, a new hobby, a new friendship, I am always excited for something new.


What is your biggest struggle right now?

My biggest struggle is deciding how to balance pushing my photography business to the next level versus being fully present with my adorable toddler at home.


What and who inspires you?

My parents are my inspiration. I just want to be like them in the future, happily married, supportive of my kids and super involved with my grandkids.


Worst and Best Memory?

Best memory: meeting my daughter for the first time.

Worst memory: almost losing her while giving birth.


What advice will you give?

Try and be in the moment. Some stuff just works itself out and the time worrying is wasted for nothing.


Throughout your personal journey, what do you want people to remember?

I want people to remember me as happy, I want them to remember that I brought them happiness.

I like to bake and bring happiness with baked goods. I like to take pictures and create happy memories. Those are my “love language” with friends and family.


How do you like to wear your OSAY?

I like to wear my Osay shoes to uplift a basic outfit and feel stylish while being comfortable.

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Dora Ennafaa

Social Media and Digital Content Strategist at Universal Pictures International Entertainment


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