How would you like to introduce yourself?

Alicia, island girl at heart

What is your biggest struggle right now?

Having your own business is a struggle as you work non stop 24hrs a day, but the struggle is also strangely pleasurable because you do what you love!


What and who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the small details in life, nature, people that work hard and create, and still find a balance.


Worst and Best Memory?

The passing of my father being the worst, and my wedding in Mauritius the best as he was there with us.


What advice will you give?

Get clear as to what you want in life, and go for it.


How do you like to wear your OSAY?

With jeans and a white shirt, or a bikini 🙂


What do you like the most about your OSAY?

They are the most comfortable shoes, not to mention stylish and timeless.

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Dora Ennafaa

Social Media and Digital Content Strategist at Universal Pictures International Entertainment


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